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Driving Tuition in North West London

Absolute Beginners
This course is for people who have never driven before; the rule to work out how many lessons you require for this course is about 2 lessons
for every year of your life.

Hourly Lessons
This course is the average course, where lessons are one or two hours long.

Intensive Sessions
This course is designed for people who are able to take a large amount of lessons in a short space of time; in order to pass quickly.

Refresher Course
This course is for people who have valid driving licenses but have not driven for a while and need to refresh their driving skills.

Advanced Courses
Learning to drive doesn't just stop when you have passed your driving test, it is important to gain further driving skills; this is why Chandnis Driving School offers advanced courses for after you have passed your driving test.

Motorway Tuition
In this course you are taught the skills needed to drive on the motorway and countryside roads, up to the national speed limits safely. 

Pass Plus
This course can only be taken after passing your Driving test, you will gain further skills on how to drive safely and efficiently on Motorways, countryside Roads, City driving, all weather driving and night driving. There are no exams or tests to be given at the end of the course; but you will receive a certificate at the end of this course which could entitle you to have an equivalent of a one year’s no claims bonus, which means you can get cheaper car insurance.

Driving Lessons in North West London